Snowstone earrings

Snowstone earrings

Made in a frame of white snowstone in which the gold is set with single cut diamonds these earrings have a very delicate design. the unheated sapphires are of Burmese and Ceylon origin. this is a unique piece hand crafted around the shape of the sapphires.

"Indiana" marquetterie.

“Indiana” marquetterie.

The “Indiana” marquetterie line is the next step for the Indiana collection, with a combination of mother of pearl, carbon and various …

Amethyst "flute"

Amethyst “flute”

The flute is a blackened titanium bangle integrally set with stones. This “neige” setting style consists in an irregular placement of stones …

"Hadir" Carbon rings

“Hadir” Carbon rings

South sea pearl rings made of a carbon body with inlays of gold set with diamonds. The inner shank is retractable to …